Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project Invited to High Level Consultation in Washington

10/20/2016 By Oyinkan Tasie   On October 20, 2016, the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project was contacted by United States Institute of Peace to participate in a high-level consultation involving 19 state governors from Northern Nigeria in Washington, D.C. State governors were on a tour exploring opportunities to attract investments to their states and promote various state objectives, typically involving agriculture. Dr. Oyinkan Tasie, representing the project, participated in a panel discussion on “Leveraging Natural, Organizational, Financial and … Read More

Working it out with Stakeholders – Involving them from the Very Beginning

By Oyinkan Tasie The Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy project continues to make efforts to strengthen the policy process by bridging the gap between “knowledge providers” and “knowledge users.” On November 10, 2016, Dr. Oyinkan Tasie (MSU) held round table discussions with state commissioners for agriculture (Nassarawa and Rivers States); permanent secretaries of state ministries of agriculture (Ebonyi and Kaduna States); and directors of planning research and statistics (Ebonyi, Kaduna, Nassarawa and Rivers States). They also included directors of … Read More