water logged farm

Potential for expanding and improving irrigation systems

Irrigated areas in Nigeria account for only about 1% of cultivated area, much lower than the world average of 21%. This can be attributed to the challenges in both public and private irrigation systems. This study will focus on two aspects: First, to better understand the production costs associated with private/public irrigation systems. The information of production costs involved with irrigated farm production systems in countries like Nigeria is scarce. In particular, little is documented regarding the level of labor … Read More

Post-Conference Press Release – First Conference of the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project organized in Abuja on 27 & 28 September 2016

On September 27-28, the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project held its first conference at the Rockview Hotel Royale in Abuja. The event attracted more than 130 participants from all over Nigeria and officially launched the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project. It brought stakeholders together to interact around the theme – “Promoting Agricultural Policy in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities”.

The drivers of malnutrition in northern Nigeria

Chronic malnutrition is judged to be among the most important adverse results of continual underinvestment in agriculture in the country since the restructuring of the economy of Nigeria towards oil production in the 1950s.