Working Towards a Robust Extension Policy in Nigeria: Training Workshop Delivered in Abuja

Nigerian agriculture continues to be an important contributor to the national economic growth. This contribution crucially depends on the productivity growth in the agriculture sector. The total factor productivity of Nigerian agriculture in turn depends on the innovation based knowledge famers have and apply in their crop, livestock, and fisheries production activities. Yet, the major source of knowledge and its delivery namely the public extension system has been facing institutional and capacity challenges in the past. There has been increased … Read More

Enhancing Analytical Skills for Evidence-based Decision-making

On February 5-7, 2018, a team of four (4) trainers from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)’s Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) facilitated a training courses on “Econometrics for Policy Analysis using Stata” over 3 days to 26 (19 males and 7 females) members of staff from various departments of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD). The training is designed to teach participants how to manage, analyze, and report findings from various types of economic data. … Read More

Peer Reviewed Papers

Sanou, A., Osuntade, B., Liverpool-Tasie, L.S.O. and Reardon, T. 2017. Climate Change and the Poultry Value Chain in Nigeria: Issues, Emerging Evidence, and Hypotheses. Nigerian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 7(1):45-53   Liverpool-Tasie, L. S.O., B. Omonona, A. Sanou, W. Ogunleye, S. Padilla, and T. Reardon. 2017. Growth and transformation of chicken and eggs value chains in Nigeria.  Nigerian Journal of Agricultural Economics 7(1):1-15   Schmitt Olabisi, L. K., Liverpool-Tasie, L.S.O., Rivers, L., Ligmann-Zielinska, A., Du, J. Denny, R., Li, J. … Read More

Feed the Future Innovation Lab Research Paper 91

Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, Thomas Reardon, Awa Sanou, Wale Ogunleye, Iredele Ogunbayo, Bolarin T. Omonona. January 2018.   The Transformation of Value Chains in Africa: Evidence from the First Large Survey of Maize. Feed the Future Innovation Lab Research Paper 91. East Lansing: Michigan State University


In a move towards strengthening the capacity of Nigeria’s journalists to effectively contribute to national discussions on agricultural issues, the Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) held a policy communications training course for journalists of the National Assembly Press Corps on Friday 26 and Monday 29 January 2018 in Abuja. The training course covered the source of information relevant to agricultural policy, the use of social media for policy communications, good practice in … Read More