The Need to Institutionalize Agribusiness in Nigeria’s Agricultural Sector

Wellington Osawe, University of Ibadan & NAPP Scholar at MSU 2018 Agriculture has always been the mainstay of economies in Africa. The same is true of Nigeria. However, through the discovery of crude oil in the late 1960s, the contribution of the agricultural sector to Nigeria’s gross domestic product (GDP) nosedived from 67% in 1960 to 23.4% in 2008 (Falola and Haton, 2008, Yakub, 2008). These figures have been fluctuating over the years and currently, the estimated figure is about … Read More

Data availability issues or right data sourcing

Blessing Agada, University of Agriculture Makurdi and NAPP Scholar at MSU 2018 Data may be information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, or symbols) that refer to, or represent, conditions, ideas, or objects. It could also be values of quantitative or qualitative variables that are measured/collected, reported and analysed for use. While the concept of data is commonly associated with scientific research, data is collected by a huge range of organizations and institutions, including businesses (e.g., sales … Read More

New NSSP Publications: NSSP Working Paper No. 54 & NSSP Policy Note No. 49

Two new publications are now available by IFPRI’s Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) – NSSP Working Paper No. 54 (please see link here to download the paper) & accompanying NSSP Policy Note No. 49 (please see link here to download the policy note), entitled “Grain storage and marketplace characteristics in Kebbi state, Nigeria”, both co-authored by Patrick Hatzenbuehler, George Mavrotas, Mohammed Abubakar Maikasuwa, Abdulrahaman Aliyu and Amina Bashir. While there are many aspects to agricultural market modernization that are linked … Read More

New NSSP Publications on Agricultural Mechanization in Nigeria

The NSSP Office is pleased to announce some new publications on agricultural mechanization in Nigeria. NSSP Working Paper No. 53 entitled “Effects of agricultural mechanization on economies of scope in crop production in Nigeria”, co-authored by H. Takeshima, P. Hatzenbuehler and H. Edeh (see link here to download the paper), and the NSSP Policy Note No. 48 (see link here to download the policy note) accompanying this paper; and NSSP Working Paper No. 55 entitled “Cost and policy determinants of … Read More

Group Dynamics Training Held for Farmer Groups in Ebonyi

On 24- 25 September 2018, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) organized a training for farmer groups on group dynamics in Ebonyi State. The training, which was opened by Ebonyi State’s commissioner for Agriculture, Chief Moses Nome, was attended by 31 participants (24 male and 7 female) all representing 15 farmer groups based in the state. The training was aimed at further empowering Nigeria’s farmers to be able to strengthen the ability of their local formal and informal groups … Read More