The Library in the world of Scholarship

Hepzibah Onyeje Obekpa, University of Agriculture Makurdi and NAPP Scholar (2019) On January 11 2019, I walked through the Michigan State University (MSU) Library section on Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics. The library is well resourced; it is spacious, has functional internet access, adequate human resources (everyone appears very enthusiastic about their roles), an obvious wide array of literature – print and electronic, and commendable use of technology. The library has its ambience and a café for refreshment for students … Read More

Better Monitoring and Evaluation for More Effective Policymaking on Agriculture in Kaduna State

Accurately measuring performance and results is an essential part of successfully implementing any policy. Therefore, it is imperative to emphasize the importance of having robust capacity for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the agricultural sector in Nigeria at all levels. As part of its commitment towards bolstering the national capacity for evidence-based decision-making in agriculture, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) delivered a training course for staff of the Kaduna State Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Kaduna Agricultural … Read More

New Publication: IFPRI-NSSP Working Paper No. 60.

The Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) Working Paper No. 60, entitled “Agricultural public expenditures, sector performance and welfare in Nigeria: A state-level analysis”, and co-authored by George Mavrotas, Tewodaj Mogues, Motunrayo Oyeyemi, Jennifer Smart and Zhe Xiong, is now published. Building on the work of earlier studies that looked at trends in and returns to federal public expenditures on agriculture in Nigeria, this paper explores spending patterns at the sub-national state level over a nine-year period, as well as trends … Read More