A day in the life of a Visiting Scholar at Michigan State University Library

by Chukwudi Charles Olumba

PhD Candidate at Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria &

NAPP Visiting Scholar at MSU (2019)

The Library in the world of Scholarship

Hepzibah Onyeje Obekpa, University of Agriculture Makurdi and NAPP Scholar (2019)

The Upside of Flooding and Agriculture

Philip Hegerty James, University of Agriculture & NAPP Scholar at MSU (Fall 2018)

Floodplain agriculture is critical to survival and economic development in the rural areas of Sahel West Africa.

Agriculture in dry land areas is vulnerable to failure, this is due to erratic rainfall and desert encroachment, hence the use of Fadama (Low-lying seasonally flooded areas or floodplains) lands to compliment upland farming becomes vital. This is important, particularly where irrigation facilities are minimal or non-existent as found in Sahel West Africa.


Onyinye Choko, University of Port Harcourt & NAPP Scholar at MSU (Fall 2018)

The Science of Bee-keeping is known as Apiculture. It involves the maintenance of bee colonies in manmade hives. Keeping bees has potential benefits for man and the environment. As a result of their pollination service, they are essential to all human for food production and sustenance of plants.

The Need to Institutionalize Agribusiness in Nigeria’s Agricultural Sector

Wellington Osawe, University of Ibadan & NAPP Scholar at MSU 2018

Data availability issues or right data sourcing

Blessing Agada, University of Agriculture Makurdi and NAPP Scholar at MSU 2018

Data may be information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, or symbols) that refer to, or represent, conditions, ideas, or objects. It could also be values of quantitative or qualitative variables that are measured/collected, reported and analysed for use.