New NSSP Publications on Agricultural Mechanization in Nigeria

The NSSP Office is pleased to announce some new publications on agricultural mechanization in Nigeria. NSSP Working Paper No. 53 entitled “Effects of agricultural mechanization on economies of scope in crop production in Nigeria”, co-authored by H. Takeshima, P. Hatzenbuehler and H. Edeh (see link here to download the paper), and the NSSP Policy Note No. 48 (see link here to download the policy note) accompanying this paper; and NSSP Working Paper No. 55 entitled “Cost and policy determinants of … Read More

New Publication Announcement:  NSSP Working Paper Looks at Grain Price Seasonality in Nigeria’s Kebbi State

We are pleased to announce the publication of Working Paper 51 from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)’s Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) entitled “Grain price seasonality in Kebbi state, Nigeria”. The paper is the product of a collaboration between researchers based in IFPRI’s Abuja Office and Kebbi State University in Aliero, Kebbi State. NSSP Policy Note No. 51 was co-authored by Patrick L. Hatzenbuehler, an Associate Research Fellow with IFPRI’s Nigeria Strategy Support Program, based in Abuja; George … Read More