Agrifood Value Chains: Concepts, Axes of Transformation, Illustrations

Thomas Reardon, ABU, Zaria, Nigeria Overview: 1) Concept of the Value Chain (VC), “fish image”, as cluster of VCs with dendritic structure 2) Evolution of research approaches 3) Axes of VC transformation: structure, conduct/behavior, performance presented in structure of VC typology (traditional, transitional, modern) 4) Examples of transformation of VCs: fish (Asia/US), chicken (US) potatoes (India, US), dairy (Brazil), chicken (US) File Download

What Drives Agricultural Policy Reform in Africa?

Danielle Resnick. “What Drives Agricultural Policy Reform in Africa?” Insights from the Kaleidoscope Model of Food Security Change,” presented at the seminar for the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project, June 30, 2016, Abuja, Nigeria File Download