Exploring how the implications of climate change on cropping systems interact with the broader food system in Nigeria

With the effects of climate change likely to require the adoption of new varieties of traditional crops and the development and adoption of completely new crops and cropping systems, it is important to understand how these changes will affect and be affected by the Nigerian food system more broadly; particularly animal (livestock, poultry and fish) production systems. This activity will use a value chain approach to explore the links between changing consumption patterns and farmers’ adaptation to climate change and animal production systems. Activities in year 2 will build on lessons learned about the poultry subsector in year 1. A doctoral student from University of Ibadan working on the team is spending a year at MSU working intensively on the design of various surveys to be administered to various stakeholders in quarter 2 of year 2. These surveys are planned to be administered to poultry producers, feed mill operators and maize producers in South West Nigeria.

Research Team Leader

Dr. Saweda Liverpool-Tasie (MSU)

Research Team Members

Dr. Bolarian Omonona (University of Ibadan)

Mr. Wale Ogunleye (University of Ibadan)

Dr. Thomas Reardon (MSU)

Awa Sanou (MSU)

Samantha Padilla (MSU)

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