Group Dynamics Training for Farmer Groups in Niger State

The International Food Policy Research Institute’s Nigeria Strategy Support Program (IFPRI-NSSP) has delivered yet another Group Dynamics training to assist various stakeholders in the agricultural sector in improving their capacity to effectively manage their activities and excel in their businesses, thereby improving their standard of living. The IFPRI-NSSP team conducted the training for Farmer Groups in Tunda Wada LGA in Minna, Niger State from 26th to 28th September 2019. It was attended by 30 participants (23 males, seven females). The objectives of the training were to equip the farmers from different agricultural value chains on the importance of Group Dynamics and to help them identify strategies for making decision as groups and to understand group formation and registration.

The Group Dynamics Training is specifically geared to support the technical aspects of farmers in different value chains to understand the role of group vision and mission, challenges in managing groups and in group decision making/ implementation, attribute effective communication to working as a group, and the importance of gender equality and equity in a group.

In delivering the training, the facilitators adopted practical training methods like team work exercises, case studies, fish bowl, brainstorming, and facilitated discussions. This was to ensure irrespective of literacy levels, the participants were able to engage and learn effectively. Participants were very excited with the Group Dynamics training because for many, it was the first time they were undergoing such training, and they extended their sincere gratitude to the facilitators.

The Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and jointly implemented by Michigan State University and IFPRI’s Nigeria Strategy Support Program.

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