Growth & Transformation of Food Systems in Africa: Evidence from the Poultry Value Chain in Nigeria

Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, Bolarin Omonona, Awa Sanou, Wale Ogunleye, Samantha Padilla, and Thomas Reardon. 2017. Growth and Transformation of Food Systems in Africa: Evidence from the Poultry Value Chain in Nigeria. Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy Research Brief 25. East Lansing: Michigan State University


  • Increased consumption of poultry products in Nigeria is occurring alongside rapid urbanization and growth in the industry.
  • Illegal imports appear to be far smaller than commonly supported by conventional wisdom
  • The north has about 60% of the share of small farmers’ chicken holdings versus 40% in the south. However, the majority of the rapidly increasing number of medium and large scale poultry farms tend to be located in the south west.
  • Both consumption and production of chicken in southern Nigeria are concentrated near the major urban and peri-urban centers.
  • There is active engagement in the Nigerian poultry sub-sector by a much broader set of actors than traditionally perceived. Though facing different challenges and ability to maintain large bird holding sizes, females and males as well as the young and the old are currently actively involved in the sub-sector
  • There is a huge data gap in available field survey data on the poultry value chain in Nigeria. There is huge variation in the apparent organization and likely structure, conduct and performance of the poultry value chain in northern and southern Nigeria. However, there is limited information about the behavior of actors all along the value chain.

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