Institutions and public agricultural investments: A qualitative study of state and local government spending in Nigeria

Research Paper |2017| Tewodaj Mogues, Tolulope Olofinbiyi

This paper makes a contribution to this literature by drawing on the framework of actor-centered institutionalism to empirically examine how political and budget institutions affect the incentives of actors involved in the public agricultural finance process, structures the interactions between them, and ultimately shapes expenditure allocations.

Number 56 in the Food Security Policy Research Paper series, this publication is part of the research output from the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project, a joint effort between the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)’s Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) and Michigan State University funded by USAID-Nigeria. This Food Security Policy Research Paper has also been published as IFPRI Nigeria Strategic Support Program Working Paper No. 37 in November 2016.