Introductory training course on monitoring and evaluation organized at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Mr Hyacinth facilitating a training on Monitoring and Evaluation in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

On May 11-12, a team of two IFPRI trainers facilitated an introductory training course on monitoring and evaluation at Ahmadu Bello University which was attended by 24 participants (15 males and 9 females) including graduate students and faculty members. Realizing the importance of M&E as an important management and research tool, Ahmadu Bello University requested that the introduction to monitoring and evaluation course be taught to its graduate students and faculty members so as to enhance their implementation of programs and policies. The M&E course was designed to provide participants with a practical framework for understanding and integrating M&E concepts, approaches, and methods into program planning, policy planning, implementation, and program management. The training emphasized on developing participants’ knowledge and skills to generate meaningful M&E program and policy data that can be used to support decision making within the context of the country’s national development agendas. The course was well received and appreciated with participants expressing satisfaction at both the course content and course delivery.

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