Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project Facilitates Interaction with Civil Society in Kebbi State

By Oyinkan Tasie

Presentation of the State Policy Note on “Rice productivity in Kebbi State: Linking Data to Policy” to the Chairman, Rice Farmer

During the week of August 6th, the Policy Project facilitated the presentation of the State Policy Note on “Rice productivity in Kebbi State: Linking Data to Policy”to the Chairman, Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN), Kebbi State Chapter. The presentation was made by the Deputy Director, Planning Research & Statistics of the Kebbi State Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development during an interactive session with the Media and civil society in Kebbi State. This session brought together government, media and civil society (including representatives of several specialty crop associations) to discuss issues around agricultural productivity in the state.  Participants gained new information (through engagement with others at the session) about various agricultural programs in the state. The RIFAN State Chapter Chairman welcomed the Policy Note on rice and advocated for similar                                                                                       State Policy Notes on other crops.


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