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Short Course Description

Policy Communication is becoming increasingly important as a management and research tool to influence effective and evidence-based policy-making. With increased attention being given to the quality of policies developed and implemented, there is a growing global demand for improved communication of evidence to policymakers. These developments have fostered increased interest in enhancing policy communication across various levels of program and policy implementation.

The  Policy Communication course is designed to provide participants with a practical framework for understanding and integrating communication concepts, approaches, and methods into program planning, policy planning, implementation and program management. The training will emphasize on developing participants’ knowledge and skills to effectively communicate program and policy data that can be used to support decision-making within the context of the country’s national development agendas.

Training Audience

This course targets individuals who have little or no formal training in Policy Communication.

Training Outline

The training begins by identifying participants’ perspectives on Policy Communication and establishing realistic expectations for the training. The module concludes by providing a broad overview of what Policy Communication means conceptually, why it is important in both programmatic and national contexts and how it will be discussed throughout the remainder of the training.

In the following modules, a review of key Policy Communication terminology, methods, and frameworks frequently used in programs is undertaken. This review provides participants with a common set vocabulary, tools, and approaches used to plan and implement Policy Communication activities for programs or policies they manage and support. Other modules of the training cover requirements for successful policy communication implementation.

Proposed Modules

  • Introduction to Policy Communication
  • Understanding Policy Communication language and frameworks
  • Policy Communication uses and users
  • Policy Communication tools
  • Measuring Policy Communication effectiveness

Training Methodology and Format

Training participants gain hands-on experience in the fundamentals of policy communication that can be applied to various contexts through the use of exercises, group discussions, and facilitator-led presentations. Training materials include presentation slides, a policy communication readiness assessment tool, handouts and worksheets, and additional reference materials.



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