Policy project scholar wins one of 6 spots in Global competition to participate in International Conference.

Policy project scholar Ms. Aisha Lawal (who spent the Spring 2017 semester at Michigan State University) with support from faculty at MSU, submitted a research proposal for presentation to an August 2018 – pre-conference workshop on quantitative food systems analysis. This special preconference is part of the 2018 International Conference of Agricultural Economists taking place in Vancouver, Canada.

Ms. Lawal and other winners won highly competitive international travel grants to present their research at the preconference workshop. They will interact with and receive detailed feedback from 2- 3 senior distinguished professionals in their field. The goal of the exercise is to help identify and support key elements of the research and identify a capacity development agenda for the winners.

This spectacular win demonstrates how participation in the scholar program has raised the competitive stature of our young Nigerian scholars.

By Saweda Liverpool-Tasie and Steve Longabaugh


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