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Potential for expanding and improving irrigation systems

Irrigated areas in Nigeria account for only about 1% of cultivated area, much lower than the world average of 21%. This can be attributed to the challenges in both public and private irrigation systems. This study will focus on two aspects: First, to better understand the production costs associated with private/public irrigation systems. The information of production costs involved with irrigated farm production systems in countries like Nigeria is scarce. In particular, little is documented regarding the level of labor inputs required (for constructing/maintaining irrigation systems, assisting water flow on the plots, and so on).  Field work will be conducted followed by small surveys in a few selected areas around Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to obtain detailed information on labor use in irrigated production systems. In addition, different survey instruments will be used  to assess how irrigated farm labor use data may be susceptible to the variations in survey instruments used. Second, the impacts of large irrigation dams will be extended based on Living Standard Measurement Study (LSMS) data, which looked at the impacts on household income and food consumption across hydrological basins, to other key outcome indicators.

Research Team Leader

Dr. Hiroyuki Takeshima (IFPRI)

Research Team Members

Ms. Adetola Adeoti (University of Ibadan)

Mr. Olufemi Popoola (University of Ibadan)

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