Call to Invite 3 Master’s and 2 PhD Students from Nigerian Universities

The Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project is pleased to offer three (3) Master’s and two (2) PhD visiting student positions at Michigan State University (MSU) for the academic year 2018 (August 2018–May 2019).
Participants of the STATA training course at Ebonyi State University (c) IFPRI 2017 On July 24-26 , a team of three (3) Project trainers facilitated a training course on “Econometrics for Policy Analysis using Stata” at Ebonyi State University which was attended by a total of 32 (16 males and 16 females) participants including faculty and the graduate student body. The training was designed to teach participants how to manage, analyze, and report findings from various types of economic data. Participants gained insights on how to handle data for evidence-based decision making using the software. The training course was well received and appreciated with participants expressing satisfaction for both course content and new knowledge gained. Trainers and Participants of the STATA

The Policy Project Interacts with the Media in Ebonyi State

By Oyinkan Tasie Journalists at the Media Interactive Session in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, June 22, 2017 On June 22, 2017, the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project held an interactive session with the Media in Ebonyi State. Twenty seven (27) journalists from 18 Media Houses in Ebonyi State. In addition to representatives from radio, television and print media, the Public Relations Officer and other staff of the State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources also attended.  Five (5) of the 27 Journalists were also Newspaper Publishers. The session focused on the role of the Media in strengthening the Agricultural Policy Process in Ebonyi State. A major outcome of the session was the commitment by one of the publishers to
Wale O. Ogunleye and Aisha Lawal Ibrahim Sustainable Agricultural Data Collection in Nigeria: What can we learn from the USA? June 2017
Iveren Jennifer Abagyeh-Igbudu The Policy Project Innovatively Engages Young Minds in any Way It Can. 

Training One to Train Others: Project Scholar Trains 25 Students and Faculty on Data

Wale Ogunleye and Saweda Liverpool-Tasie

Innovatively and Sustainably Building Capacity across Generations

by Saweda Liverpool-Tasie and Thomas Reardon Conducting research under the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project is strategically designed to answer questions of relevance to policy makers in a way that sustainably builds the capacity of Nigerian researchers. File Download

Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Project Links Renowned International Experts

As part of the capacity-building component of the project, Michigan State University Professor Thomas Reardon trained Nigerian scholars on value chain analysis within transforming food systems. Reardon is a professor of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics and fellow of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA).