From 14-18 January 2019, the Nigeria Strategy Support Program of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI-NSSP) delivered two trainings on “Issues in agriculture and development” for academics and researchers (14-16 January) and policy analysts (17-18 January) in Asaba, Delta State. The 51 participants in both trainings (35 male, 16 female) constituted the academic staff and researchers at Delta State University, as well as staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural resources, the State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority and Fadama III in Delta State. The trainings explored issues around Climate Change Resilience, Land Tenure Security, Agricultural Program Evaluation and Food and Nutrition Security. The training course was geared at providing some of Nigeria’s analysts with an understanding of

Strengthening Farmer Group Dynamics in Delta State

Participants of the Group Dynamics training in Delta State (c) 2018 IFPRI/Amina Bashir As part of endeavours towards strengthening the capacity of Nigerian farmers to engage in policymaking processes, the Nigeria Strategy Support Program of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI-NSSP) organized a Group Dynamics training for farmers in Delta State from 1- 2 November 2018. More specifically, the objective of the training, which was attended by 29 participants (20 male, 9 female) was to train group leaders on group dynamics thereby strengthening their capacity to strengthen their local formal and informal groups’ ability to manage their assets, make strategic group decisions and create a balanced level of participation. Participants in a group activity related to Conflict Resolution at

Journalists in Delta State were Trained in Policy Communications

A group photo of participants and facilitators of the policy communications training for journalists in Delta State (c) 2018 IFPRI/Bisola Oyediran As part of continuing efforts towards having a vibrant and healthy environment for discussion and decision-making in Nigeria’s agricultural sector, the Nigeria Strategy Support Program of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI-NSSP) delivered a policy communications training course for journalists in Delta State on 17-18 July 2018. The 19 participants (16 male and 3 female) of the training included journalists from both private and government-owned media houses, representing mainstream radio, television and print firms. Elisabeth Douglas, IFPRI’s Communication Specialist making a presentation on the concepts of policy communications at the training for journalists in Delta State (c) 2018

Improving agricultural policy in Nigeria by enhancing data analysis in Delta State

IFPRI’s Olusegun Fadare presenting one of the modules during the STATA training at Delta State University (c) 2018 IFPRI As part of efforts towards strengthening Nigeria’s capacity for greater evidence-based policy processes in agriculture by increasing the capacity of Nigerian analysts to undertake and make widely available relevant evidence-based policy analysis, on 2-4 May 2018, a team of three (3) trainers from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)’s Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) facilitated a training course on “Introduction to Survey Data Analysis using Stata” for 19 (12 males and 7 females) researchers and faculty of Delta State University in Asaba, Delta State. Presenters and participants at the STATA training held for researchers and academics at Delta State University