Participants engaging in a group exercise during the Policy Communications training held at the Federal university of Makurdi. (c) IFPRI 2017 On 31 May-1 June, a team of 2 IFPRI trainers facilitated an introductory Policy Communication training course at the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi which was attended by 22 participants  (16 males and 6 females) including faculty and graduate students. The Policy Communication course was designed to provide participants with a practical framework for understanding and integrating communication concepts, approaches, and methods into program planning, policy planning, implementation and program management. The training emphasized on developing participants’ knowledge and skills to effectively communicate program and policy information through knowledge management systems so as to  support decision-making within the context

New Study on the Determinants of Chronic Malnutrition in Northern Nigeria

The research team conducting interviews with women in Kebbi State (c) 2017 IFPRI For a little over three weeks in April 2017, a team of four researchers from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), led by Dr. Todd Benson, Senior Research Fellow, undertook field work to conduct a series of interviews in Bauchi and Kebbi States as part of a study focusing on the key determinants of chronic malnutrition in northern Nigeria. Following a request for the study by USAID/Nigeria to better understand child malnutrition in northern Nigeria, the researchers interviewed key informants at federal, state and local government levels, as well as development partners working on issues related to malnutrition during 4-26 April 2017. The main objective of