Group Dynamics Training for Agro-dealers in Kebbi State

To equip agro-dealers with adequate skills to manage their groups, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) delivered on behalf of the FtF Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project a training course for agro-dealers in Kebbi State on 28 – 29 January 2019. The 35 participants (25 male, 10 female) represented various groups and were exposed to knowledge and skills related to conflict resolution, working as a team, communication and record keeping. It is expected that such trainings would enhance the capacity of various players in Nigeria’s agricultural sector … Read More

Can Strengthening Group Dynamics Improve Nigeria’s Agricultural Sector?

Actors in Nigeria’s agricultural sector have increasingly begun organizing themselves into formal groups, particularly cooperatives, in recent years. It is an established fact that cooperation allows individuals to harness their personal resources into powerful tools for change and growth. While cooperatives have the tangible benefit of allowing farmers to have wider access to agricultural support and financial services, an easily missed, yet extremely important benefit of cooperative activity, is its ability to build the aptitude for solving practical problems and … Read More

Group Dynamics Training Held for Farmer Groups in Ebonyi

On 24- 25 September 2018, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) organized a training for farmer groups on group dynamics in Ebonyi State. The training, which was opened by Ebonyi State’s commissioner for Agriculture, Chief Moses Nome, was attended by 31 participants (24 male and 7 female) all representing 15 farmer groups based in the state. The training was aimed at further empowering Nigeria’s farmers to be able to strengthen the ability of their local formal and informal groups … Read More