Training of Ministries of Agriculture staff from 34 of Nigeria’s 36 States and FCT

By Saweda Liverpool-Tasie

Staff of Ministries of Agriculture from 34 of Nigeria’s 36 States and Federal Capital territory (FCT) benefit from training to improve data presentation and interpretation for policy analysis

On March 7–8, 2017, the Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project, with financial support from USAID Nigeria organized a training on data analysis and presentation in Abuja. Participants were Directors of Planning, Research and Statistics from 34 of the 37 states of Nigeria and Abuja alongside their Directors, Project Monitoring and Evaluation from the extension arms (Agricultural Development Programs-ADPs). The training was designed and facilitated by Dr. Saweda Liverpool-Tasie of Michigan State University (MSU) and faculty from several Nigerian Universities. It included modules on how to plot and interpret agricultural data such as crop yields, production and land area under cultivation. Participants gained insights on the importance of evidence based policy discussions and how to link agricultural data to government programs. Participants then worked in groups to analyze agricultural data on a key priority crop for their state and generated short draft policy briefs relating the available data to current government programs. Each state will continue to work with assigned Nigerian faculty and faculty at MSU to complete their state briefs.

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